{a diverse art collective of creative women who believe in their work, in themselves, & in each other, passionately and unapologetically. }

"I wish I could stand on a cliff like Gandalf and shout 'Rise, Girl Army, Rise!' and 10,000 girls would materialize and we'd storm stuff."- Mindy Kaling 

ART GIRL ARMY is a collective organization of diverse* creative women, who believe in their work, in themselves and in each other, passionately & unapologetically.

Founded in a small studio apartment in Brooklyn in 2014, AGA strives to create safe spaces where women feel empowered, inspired, celebrated and supported. 

The collective hosts meet-ups, panels, workshops & showcases in NYC and LA--as well as manages a growing online global community-- in the hopes of providing an environment that promotes authenticity, vulnerability and idea sharing to inspire genuine connection amongst a community of women across a variety of creative fields--filmmaking, music, photo, fashion, illustration, graphic design, and more.

AGA's rapidly growing membership of 5,300+ creative ladies hail from all across the globe. 

*Our gender nonconforming, transgender and genderqueer friends are all welcome too!

AGA connects female-identifying CREATIVES Through The Following Initiatives:

  • Championing diverse community members across various artistic spectrums. Every girl has a seat at our table, regardless of where she comes from or where she is on her artistic journey.
  • Hosting in-person meet-ups, panels, workshops & showcases in NYC and LA.
  • Facilitating opportunities for collaboration across a growing global community. 
  • Sharing resources that cater to the creative needs of community members across a variety of artistic fields, including jobs, internships, classes, grant, scholarship and networking opportunities.
  • Celebrating each other's achievements and supporting each other through creative challenges.