{a diverse art collective of creative women who believe in their work, in themselves, & in each other, passionately and unapologetically. }

AUDREY CHAN + art girl army

Audrey Chan is a Los Angeles-based artist, writer, and educator whose research-based projects articulate political and cultural identities through allegorical narrative and the feminist construct of β€œthe personal is political.” See more at:

CAROLINE KAUFMAN + art girl army

Caroline Kaufman is a young fashion and textile designer with a creative, colorful & authentic sense of style. See more at:

ANNALISE LOCKHART + art girl army

Annalise Lockhart is an Assistant Director, producer and writer living in Brooklyn and working around the country making feature films that matter (Sundance & Venice Biennale's 2015 stunner "The Fits" and "Americana.").

OLIVIA K. HARRIS + art girl army

OLIVIA K. HARRIS is a powerful singer, songwriter and musician who, with a fusion of reggae, jazz, pop, and R&B, is creating a sound that is uniquely her own. See more at: